Legend – Mohan Singh x Rush Toor x Guru Lahori x KallMeUp (Music Video)

Legend – Mohan Singh x Rush Toor x Guru Lahori x KallMeUp (Music Video) DesiHipHop

So here we have the All Star Crew BEG setting a message with this latest release ‘Legend’. This super group, ‘BEG’ (Black Eye Galaxy) consists of Guru Lahori, Mohan Singh, Kallmeup and Rush Toor all of them who have made a mark in their zone.

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Stream it on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/track/2gBx0Q6SdgtnvmkRw1DbZQ

Social Links –
Mixed Marshall Arts – https://www.facebook.com/govind.singhdhir
Guru Lahori – https://www.facebook.com/guru.lahori
Mohan Singh – https://www.facebook.com/themohansingh
Rush Toor – https://www.facebook.com/rushtoor
Kallmeup – https://www.facebook.com/Kallmeup-1524542661141048
BEG – https://www.facebook.com/TheBlackEyeGalaxy

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Lyrics –

Mohan Singh:
Rap da maidaan, kayi aan te kayi jaan
Par tikda na koi, saukhi bane na pehchaan
Taiyo baakiyan to vakh assi
Rap de standard nu dena hun chak assi
Par saukha naiyo naam kmauna
Sadi adat naiyo tuhanu kuch aam sunauna
Assi duniya da dil jitna
Puthi siddhi ungal gayiye zor laake hikk da
Rap de shaukeen
Mera naah Mohan Singh
BEG meri team
Puraane khidari chaahe nama va scene
Paisa tea au par sama va keem
Ti, Bina kalaa de lakhaayi aukhi
Bina gal de larhai aukhi
Bina rog de devai aukhi
Thore sameh’che charai aukhi

Hook (Mohan Singh):
Kaamyabi da koi shortcut nai
Time ethay katt , yaro kam bohat vai
Kaamyabi da koi shortcut nai
Kam ethay bohat, uton time katt vai

Rush Toor:
I’ma be that L E G E N D
got em looking at a map tryna keep up with me
I’m like jordan and Jackson on court n on beat
N these rappers want a piece but yall ain’t sleepin with me
Don’t be asking what we on Cuz we ain’t telling u shit
If u don’t like it that’s koo cuz we ain’t sellin u shit
be turning every swing into a hit
They be looking at my shoulders, that’s the man with a chip
That’s the man with a plan to get the whole team rich
That’s the man who turned a hoe into a dope team bitch
This is it, I am legend, n my girls like Jada smith
But I ain’t a fresh prince I’m like pac in 96’/
(Ayeee ayee)I’m like pac in 9 6 (ayeee) yeah im the pac the shooters missed (ayee)
N they ask me my intention/
One word all I gotta say is Legend/ (aye)
Thore sameh’che charai aukhi:
Thore sameh’che charai aukhi
Thore sameh’che charai aukhi

Guru Lahori:
BEG homboi – saday din kol
Lagey aan kam te
mein soya nai do din ton
ghalat fehmi twanu
kad deyo dil chon
manzil v kol
pra hor – pehlay din ton
hath nai vekhai kadi – lambi aae lakeeer
utay ala sai janda – ohh likhda takdeer
mein ki karan – mein ki karan – mera mannay na zameer
je tu Raja, teri Rajay nal hee bandi tasveer

Bridge (Various):
And they ask me my intention
Ima be the L E G E N D
And they ask me my intention
One word all I gotta say is LEGEND (Aye)

And how we be some legends? We aint made it
Bina gal de larai aukhi
And how we be some legends? We aint made it
Thoray same che charai aukhi
Thoray same che charai aukhi
And how we be some legends? We aint made it

alright they tell me calm down you aint made it yet,
my crew aint tripping off the shit u maybe said,
we be down in AZ getting daily head,
these for all them niggas that probably think i don’t rhyme enough,
never said the road was easy man this shit is far from done,
And all i see is dollar signs,
I’m talking extra cheese I’m going order mine,
and niggas want beef never offer time,
rush finna drop , mohan finna drop,
guru in a droptop do 100 shots,
she turn around ask me if I’m faded,
and how we be some legends we aint made it
And how we be some legends? We aint made it

Written by Jasbir DesiHipHop

CEO & Founder of TheHipHop.org - PesaNashaPyar.com - WhatIsHipHop.com - #DesiHipHopForLife - Fan of BOHEMIA the Punjabi Rapper - Follow - https://twitter.com/JasbirHipHop - http://facebook.com/JasbirHipHop - https://www.instagram.com/JasbirHipHop

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