Ghauri – Sounds From Underground feat. Abdullah Malik

Ghauri – Sounds From Underground feat. Abdullah Malik – Rapo – Nu Zane – Kiat Singh

Sounds from underground is a collaborative project as a result of GHAURI’s #Sunno 16 bars competition. Best verses from that competition compiled into this project containing artists from States, Spain, India and Pakistan. #UnityThroughHipHop

On listening to the track ‘Sounds From Underground’ it is very evident that he leaves no room for error and it is a banger. It has smooth transitions and every verse sounds on point with bars packed with punches and some witty one too.

The video is simple but effective and has been shot over in Pakistan (Islamabad), Spain (Barcelona), India (Chandigarh) and USA (Queens). This right here is proof that our culture has spread all over the world and there is no stopping us.

Rapo :
Abdullah Malik :
Nu-Zane :
Kiat Singh :

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